Abdomend C-section Recovery Kit


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– The Abdomend C-section Recovery Kit is an all-in-one kit for every pregnant woman
– Perfect for after caesarean or other abdominal surgery
– Helps prevent and treat stretch marks and promote a flat, less-noticeable healthy scar
– Gives great support for your back, incision and internal organs to make recovery easier and less painful
– Helps you regain your shape quickly after giving birth or having abdominal surgery




– AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit, designed for swift and healthy recovery from pregnancy, caesarean or other abdominal surgery
– The Recovery Kit helps to support your muscles and internal organs to make your recovery as comfortable as possible
– This kit is also perfect for other abdominal surgery such as laporoscopy, myomectomy, hysterectomy and hernia surgery

– The AbdoMend C Section Recovery Kit includes the following; an AbdoMend Support Belt & Strap, a Massage Routine Booklet and a Dry Skin Brush
The AbdoMend Support Belt & Strap is fully adjustable and gives support to your internal organ positioning and attaches hip to hip to support your surgical incision, back and tummy, giving you the confidence to get back on your feet with less pain
– The belt can be worn from day one after surgery and is fully adjustable to allow for any swelling and to allow for your stomach shrinking back following pregnancy
– The AbdoMend Massage Routine Booklet guides you through a range of massage techniques to help you achieve a small, flat and unnoticeable scar
– Also included in the AbdoMend Recovery Kit is a Dry Skin Brush which has been specially designed by a physiotherapist to help with scar healing. Gentle brushing helps promote good circulation which will help with a flatter and healthier scar. The brush is also great for the itching that often comes with healing wounds and helps to prevent ingrowing hairs in the wound

Sizing Chart:
Extra Small: 24”-32” (61-81cm) – approximately dress size 4-8

Small: 32”-38” (81-96cm) – approximately dress size 8-12

Medium: 38”-46” (96cm-117cm) – approximately dress size 12-16

Large: 46”-52” (117cm-132cm) – approximately dress size 16-20

X Large: 52”-56” (132cm-142cm) – approximately dress size 20-22

We recommend adding 2 – 4″ for your post surgical swelling measurement..

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