Ameda Lactaline Personal Double Breast Pump


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– The Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump that uses electric power or batteries, convenient when you are on the go
– A double pump that can be used as a single pump




– The Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump is quiet and compact
– Has the advantage of adjustable suction and speed
– Can work under single or double pumping mode
– Can be powered by batteries ( 6 x AA alkaline batteries )

– Custom-control: empowers moms to more closely mimic their baby’s nursing rhythm, for more efficient milk let down and comfort by controlling both suction and speed

– Proven Airlock Protection barrier helps protect milk while keeping pump tubing dry and clean. No need to clean tubing

– 5 different breast flange sizes that fit all Ameda breast pumps and kits to help make breast pumping more comfortable and efficient.

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