Born Free Microwave Sterilizer


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– Born Free Microwave Steam Sterilizer helps sterilize up to 4 bottles and bottle parts at once in about 4-5 minutes
– Born Free Microwave Sterilizer can accommodate most types of feeding bottles




– The Born Free Microwave Sterilizer fits all types of bottles but is better suited to the
shorter, wide neck types
– Fits 4 bottles together with their components and all parts can be sterilized in approximately
4-5 minutes (depending on the size of the microwave)
– Special grips make opening and removing the sterilizer from the microwave easy
– The Steam effectively helps to kill household bacteria
– The Born Free Sterilizer is easy to use, easy to clean and is ultra fast
– It is light weight, will fit most microwaves and is reasonably compact
– The Born Free Microwave Steriliser is made of Bisphenol-A free plastic

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