Sophie la girafe


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  • Sophie la girafe is made from natural rubber and non-toxic paint, making it safe for babies to cuddle and chew
  • Makes a happy sound when squeezed



  • Sophie the girafe is made of 100% natural rubber and non-toxic food grade paint
  • Sophie is soft, light, easy to grasp and fits well into little hands
  • She makes a happy sound when squeezed which not only delights babies but stimulates their hearing
  • The squeaker also helps babies to begin to associate the link between cause and effect, the squeezing, followed by the happy sound
  • Most parts of Sophie are soft and chewable, the legs, ears, horns and her bumpy head is perfect for soothing itchy teething gums
  • The dark and contrasting spots on Sophie provide visual stimulation, and makes her easily recognisable to baby
  • Sophie la girafe has been around since 1961

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