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The totseat is for babies and toddlers aged 6-30 months
The totseat is ideal to be given as a gift
It is washable, squashable and comes in a handy, portable bag




– This lightweight and versatile chair harness anchors your child
safely and comfortably in almost any dining chair
– This portable travel high chair makes eating out, travelling,
and entertaining easy for everyone
– The totseat attaches securely to the chair, enveloping your
baby, a bit like an enormous, safe, nappy and goes up over your
little one’s chest with the straps coming up under their
armpits to fasten behind the baby’s head, so that they can’t
wriggle out
– You button it up to shorten it for smaller chairs, extend it
for bigger chairs, and tighten at the back for narrower chairs
– The totseat comes in many attractive patterns

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