Ubbi Diaper Pail


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– The Ubbi diaper pail offers a combination of desirable features; optimal odor control, doesn’t require a special bag liner so you can use any regular tall kitchen bag, no refills or inserts, making the Ubbi pail not only economical, but also flexible and convenient to use




– The Ubbi diaper pail, made of powder-coated steel is the most award winning diaper pail ever, NINE awards in total
– Steel is not porous and so locks in the odors, unlike diaper pails made of plastic
– The sliding lid design minimises air disruption to prevent odors from escaping, thus ensuring optimal odor control
– The problem with plastic is that it absorbs odors and leaves a lingering smell that cannot be cleaned away. So even when a plastic pail is empty the odors are still there
– The plastic pails also fail to contain the smell because they are poorly sealed allowing odors to leak out even when the pail is closed, unlike the Ubbi that is kitted with rubber seals which lock in odors when the Ubbi pail is closed
– The Ubbi diaper pail is simple to use and not prone to breakage
– Childproof lock to keep little hands from finding their way into the Ubbi diaper pail. Damper mechanism for smooth, hermetically sealed closure
– The Ubbi diaper pail has great holding capacity: approximately 58 newborn diapers, 50 #1 diapers, 41 #2 diapers, 38 #3 diapers, 31 #4 diapers and 23 #5

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